Monthly Archives: January 2021

Tuckahoe moving to 100% renewable Energy

Dear village residents, we have joined 27 of our neighboring communities to participate in Sustainable Westchester’s Westchester Power (WP) program. The program has been providing residents and small businesses a clean electricity supply choice since 2016 and has mitigated over 830,000 tons of greenhouse gases. The program provides competitive fixed price electric supply and easy access to NY sourced sustainable, renewable energy.

The default supply for the Village of Tuckahoe will be the 100% renewable energy option, but the program also offers a standard supply option, which is a mix of fossil fuel and renewable energy. You can switch between supply options at any time.

In the next few days, you will be receiving a notification letter with all program details including instructions on opting out of the program. To stay in the program, you need take no action – you will be seamlessly enrolled in the program on your first meter read day starting March 1. 

The program is very different from standard ESCO offerings – you are never locked in to your choice and you can change supply options, opt-out, or opt back into the program without any costs or penalties at any time. To do so, please visit or call their offices at 914-242-4725.